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Sinopsis de WOLVES PAWN

Dot McKenzie is a lone wolf-shifter on the run, using everything available to her to stay one step ahead of her pursuers. When she is offered a chance for friendship and safety with the Fairwood pack, she accepts.Gavin Fairwood, reluctant heir for Fairwood pack leadership, is content to let life happen while he waits. Old longings surface when he appoints himself as Dot&rsquo,s protector and becomes more than a friend.Dot goes into hiding again when her presence puts the pack and her new friends at risk. When old enemies threaten the destruction of the Fairwood pack, it will take the combined efforts of Dot and Gavin to save it. But can anything save their love and Dot&rsquo,s life when she becomes a pawn in a pack leader&rsquo,s deadly game?_,
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