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She had witnessed her share of the miraculous, but when God gave her the opportunity to experience a miracle for herself, she was careful not to take it for granted. Contrary to her Midwestern roots, Physician Assistant Lisa Feather traveled to paradise seeking to grow her career and her purpose. She planned to call St. Thomas island home for the next year. Little did she know that multiple Category-5 hurricanes had the Caribbean within their sights. As she looked Hurricane Irma in the eye, the pessimist in her could have easily resolved to walk against the wind, but the optimist knew that she must let the wind push her onward. Facing Hurricane Maria fourteen days later, she recognized that sharing with the world the adversity and fear that she faced, as well as the spiritual liberation that she received, would fulfill this fraction of Gods calling on her life. Her inspirational journey demonstrates to practitioners and patients alike the value of spiritual medicine one needs beyond the stethoscope._,
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