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How many times have you said or done something that cost you a job, promotion or a relationship and you swore to yourself you’,d never do it again &ndash, but did?Whether you are a public servant, business owner, part of the executive team, director, manager, supervisor, line staff, ministry leader or a young professional beginning your career, Dorothy Burton explains how to succeed by getting out of your own way.Many people are fired, passed over or wreck relationships not for lack of skill, talent or desire &ndash, but lack of self-awareness. Many of us don&rsquo,t know how we will respond under pressure and only after blowing it and causing regrettable damage, do we look back on the mess we made and often exclaim, &ldquo,That wasn&rsquo,t me!&rdquo, It was &ndash, you just didn&rsquo,t know that person existed.One of the greatest yet overlooked deterrents to success is the lack of self-awareness. Most people fire themselves, miss out on great opportunities and ruin relationships simply because they don’,t know themselves well enough and as a result, repeatedly self-sabotage and ultimately self-destruct.If this is your struggle, this book is for you. Or, if you care about someone and didn’,t know how to tell them that they need to get out of their own way – do them a favor and gift them with a copy of this book. You will&hellip, Discover your blind spots Understand triggers that cause negative emotions, outbursts and harmful behaviors Learn why self-awareness is more essential than talent and skill. Overcome low self-esteem and boost your sense of self-worth Grasp the seven key elements that can make or break your career This book uses scripture and time-tested principles rooted in real world experiences that will enable you to succeed where others have failed by helping you cultivate on the inside what you need to exhibit on the outside to succee
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