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Why Not Me? tells what most doctors dont share. Cases of kidney failure are skyrocketing worldwide, and rates of treatment for kidney failure are growing faster than the population. It costs Medicare more for medical treatment than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined, forcing many people to choose conservative management not to treat kidney failure with dialysis or a transplant. Why Not Me? empowers you to take an active role in your health care and explain why reducing your dependence on medications can improve your overall health. It also helps you how to read and understand your lab results if your doctor orders blood or urine test, everything on the lab test result is important even though doctors never cover all the results. What should you do when your health-care provider tells you not to worry about a medical problem that is slightly higher or lower than normal? Learn the understanding or how dishonesty with your care team could hurt you, it will shock you once you reveal that most of the information given by your health team are for treatment only, most instructions are wellness and are the opposite from preventative treatment. Why Not Me? is written with the authority of himself and with the help of the results of others who chose to take an active role in their health care and those that chose prevention. Why Not Me? is based on WallACEs compassion that come from his own experience and while answering questions that most dont know how to ask. You will learn what to ask doctors, how to choose the right medications and herbs, and how to enrich while maintaining a healthy life. In addition, you will learn personal responsibility and never ask, Why me? The sad reality is if you dont know or dont properly care for yourself, you will say, Why not me! No one can keep you healthy other than you!_,
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