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&ldquo,My name is Neha Rutherford Patel Vishravan, and I am a creature of darkness. I am the heir to an ancient legacy, older than humanity itself, and I am not alone. I am but one of a handful of powerful beings who have gone against our nature to become warriors for peace. Now, with the clock of destiny ticking ominously closer to our final reckoning, the time has come for me to make myself known to you, my dear sister, so that together we can do what no one has been able to do before…&rdquo, In the riveting conclusion of Shanti&rsquo,s poignant prequel, punctuated by the exciting introduction of a new divine hero, Supriya finally learns the full shocking truth of her mysterious origins and the real story of her missing human father. But, will the harsh realities that made Supriya&rsquo,s life possible be more painful than the life of lies in which she grew up? A touching treatise on the delicate choices that hold families together and tear them apart, &nbsp,WHITE SAPPHIRE is the third book in the seven book epic fantasy series, THE SITA CHRONICLES._,
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