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From the author of The Spiritual Journey of a Confused Man Lance Dickson shares the painful experience which was the motivation for his founding the Committed Fathers Alliance. Lance Dickson shares the life lessons that he learned as a result of a negative experience he had in court while fighting to be involved in his childrens lives. See how he was able to turn to God for direction and support while struggling with anger, resentment and bitterness. Retired from the military after 20 years of service, Mr. Dickson has developed the Father Children Relationship Enhancement Curriculum and is a certified Master Trainer of the Fragile Families Fatherhood Development Curriculum. Lance Dickson is a father advocate who is dedicated to helping fathers enhance their relationships with their children. Mr. Dickson hopes that fathers who read When a Father Cries! can learn life lesson on how to effectively handle negative situations regarding emotional battles over children. He shares the mistakes he has made with the hope that fathers can avoid making some of the same mistakes. He also hope that readers can experience the heart and pain a father feels when he is trying to be involved in the lives of his children and believes that no one is there to support him. The goal is always that the children have both parents actively involved in the emotional development of their lives._,
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