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Why do Americas best and brightest corporate leaders have a peculiar tendency to trip and fall at the exact moment their genius is put to the test? In What Will Susan Say?, renowned human resources executive and consultant Edward A. Meagher III explores how corporate America really works, examines why talented executives blunder so frequently, and offers simple, highly effective solutions for overcoming the failure phenomenon to achieve consistent, overwhelming business success. Based on his work at Fortune 500 corporations including ITT and PepsiCo, Meagher has uncovered a powerful failure mechanism that prevails among many corporate executives. Using real-world cases, Meagher illuminates this complex and little-understood problem in an eye-opening allegorical review of why corporate employees dont always know how to play nice and how an inability to collaborate can result in dramatic executive flops. Meagher then delivers a practical framework for tackling the challenge with highly respected and effective tools, including Meyers-Briggs and his own Woodstone High-Performance Model. What Will Susan Say? is a clear and concise roadmap for both those aiming for the boardroom and those who are ready to improve their business relationships and corporate accomplishments._,
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