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Ash Kinley runs away from a broken home and finds herself in werewolf territory. With only her beloved dogs for company, Ash seeks shelter in a woodland cabin. She finds a boyfriend in the nearby town of Corby, where the townsfolk are not what they seem. Ash is the only outsider they’,ve ever allowed in their domain. But why? Because Ash is no ordinary girl. She discovers her astonishing power just in time to face a terrifying enemy from the depths of the forest. Together with her new friends, Stefan Hildebrand, and Tempus (Tyler Buck), Ash struggles to unravel a time-travel mystery and save Corby from destruction. &quot,IMAGINE MERCY THOMPSON IN&nbsp,OUTLANDER.&quot, From USA Today bestselling author Shay Roberts comes the first book of Ash&rsquo,s Saga, an intense shifter novel set in the amazing Heartblaze world. &quot,Once I finished this book I started aching for more.&quot, &ndash, Marolyn Scott ????? &quot,A true rollercoaster ride.&quot, &ndash, Book Lover ????? &quot,Unputdownable!&quot, &ndash, Sue Leak ????? Join Ash on this remarkable adventure. Fight evil and uncover shocking secrets!_,
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