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Sinopsis de WALK ON WATER

Carmen was determined to live the life that God had predestined for her.  In her desire to please God she sought His plan and purpose for her life.  Her pursuit to find the answers to these questions,  lead her on a journey she could never imagine.  In seeking God, she had a head on collision with His will meeting her will, His plans colliding with her plans.  She discovered that when Gods will and purpose for your life connect to a willing and obedient heart, the end result are greatness breaks forth and God is glorified. Walk on Water is a true story of a sixteen year journey of trusting, believing, and obeying God. It will help you understand the many facets of God.  Through this book you will learn that God is faithful to watch over His word, that God as He is a provider, a protector and so much more. Each chapter ends with a few questions to help you examine where you stand in regards to the chapter topic. You will be blessed by the prayer that concludes every chapter.  As an intercessor, Carmen could not pen a book and not pray for her readers.  If you open up your heart and allow God to plant the seeds from this book into your heart, you to will be empowered to Walk on Water with Jesus.   Carmen Blackmon is the founder and Executive Director of Above and Beyond Students, a non-profit afterschool program that provides quality programming for underserved youth.  She is also the owner of Above and Beyond Learning Center, a tutoring center which meets the educational needs of individual and small groups of students.  She is on the Board of Directors for Whatever is Pure ministries and is a sponsor for an orphanage in Africa.  She founded G3 – Give God Glory Ministries which serves to meet the spiritual needs of women and encourage them to walk out their God given calling.  She resides in Charlotte NC, with her husband Jonathan Blackmon of 25 years and counting. She is the proud mother of three children LaToya, Courtney and Cameron who each lead very
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