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This is a story of Sisi, a young woman who, while on vacation in a far away country, meets a young couple, complete strangers. This encounter brings her face to face with a &quot,ghost&quot, from her past and evokes memories of what she went through in her past. In this book Sisi shares some of the issues young women and men experience and find difficult to talk about, and how if left unresolved such issues can fester and lead to bitterness, depression, anxiety and even acts of violence. This is a story of triumph and forgiveness, hope and assertion that no matter how bad things seem to be, there is a greater power at work that will take care of you. By sharing some of the experiences she went through, Sisi hopes that her story will inspire others and help them realize that they are not alone, others have gone through similar circumstances and that they too can overcome and emerge stronger and better equipped to deal with predicaments that arise during the course of life._,
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