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Sinopsis de VAMPIRE SOUL

The vampire lover from your past life is still alive, and waiting for you! Emma Rue just started college, but she may not live to graduate. She’,s having vivid dreams about her soulmate, a vampire from her past life who has waited two hundred years to find her in the modern world. But that reunion might never happen. An elite army of paranormal hunters has sent their greatest soldier, Stefan Hildebrand, to kill Emma. Why do they want her dead? It’,s not because she dared to love vampire. It’,s because of Emma’,s&nbsp,secret power, an ability she’,s guarded since childhood. &quot,THE HEART OF&nbsp,TWILIGHT&nbsp,AND THE SOUL OF&nbsp,OUTLANDER&quot, From USA Today bestselling author Shay Roberts comes&nbsp,Vampire Soul, book one of&nbsp,Emma&rsquo,s Saga, a thrilling new series for fans of&nbsp,Twilight,&nbsp,Outlander, and&nbsp,A Shade of Vampire. &quot,This emotionally engaging page-turner was devoured.&quot, &ndash, Dreamer J ????? &quot,Written in a briskly cinematic style.&quot, &ndash, Kattomic Book Blog ????? &quot,This book has intrigue, mystery, romance, suspense, and twists and turns.&quot, &ndash, Blogging &amp, Writing ????? Join Emma as she searches for her soulmate and battles her enemies.&nbsp,_,
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