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A vampire experience unlike any other. From USA Today bestselling author Shay Roberts comes the second book of Emma&rsquo,s Saga, a riveting vampire novel set in the acclaimed Heartblaze world. After you&rsquo,ve read Book One of this electrifying saga, you&rsquo,ll want to begin Book Two immediately! Don&rsquo,t miss this thrilling journey through a beautifully elaborate paranormal landscape. &ldquo,My name is Emma. I&rsquo,ve found my vampire soulmate, and he has a surprise for me that will change my life forever.&rdquo, &quot,The world is amazing and easy to get lost in.&quot, &ndash, Bloggin’, &amp, Writing ????? &quot,These characters and storyline keep getting better and better!&quot, &ndash, Seraphia ????? &quot,The ways in which Shay brought past and present together are truly inspirational.&quot, &ndash, Damian ????? READING ORDER There are three separate trilogies set in the Heartblaze world. You can start with any of them, but if you want to read all three sets, the recommended order is
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