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The Family Blood Ties continues to this 10th and final installment of this vampire versus vampire saga.She thought she had it all solved.Tessa&rsquo,s had a hell of a time tracking down the blood farm bosses. And it&rsquo,s not over yet. Just when she thinks she has it solved, it unravels all over again.She should be taking the last of the enemy captive and tying up the final ends. Instead, it appears there&rsquo,s one more secret to uncover &ndash, and when she does, it&rsquo,s a doozy.Cody is desperate to have this mess over with and have Tessa all to himself. But as the secrets start to unravel, the craziness gets worse.Can they trust anyone? Or does everyone have something to hide?Watch the stunning conclusion unfold as Tessa, Cody, and the whole gang finally get to the bottom of the blood farms_,
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