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What in the world is ONE-POCKET? ONE-POCKET is the ultimate pool challenge&mdash,it&rsquo,s the Rolls Royce of pool games&mdash,it&rsquo,s the universal choice of champions. When the greatest pool players in the world do combat, ONE-POCKET is their battlefield of choice. Superiority in ONE-POCKET signifies mental as well as physical pool prowess. ONE-POCKET requires greater knowledge and skill than the other pool games. Therefore, ONE-POCKET is not recommended for the beginner. It is suggested that the beginner get experience playing EIGHT-BALL and NINE-BALL before tackling ONE-POCKET. This book examines, in detail, the various types of break shots as well as pocket selection. And, of equal importance, the response to the break shot is also examined. Strategy is the meat and potatoes of ONE-POCKET. Strategy elements such as risk-reward, spotted ball strategies, herding balls, de-pocketing balls, and many other related concepts are examined. This book starts where other books stop. If you want to know more about pool than your neighbor, this book is must reading._,
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