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When a piece of an ancient evil talisman is resurrected Sebastian Moran Sanctuary coven enforcer must find the rest of the missing parts and destroy them all This mission is jeopardized when he finds the second piece of the talisman in the possession of a beautiful–and stubborn–Native American woman who does not trust him or his people Found alone as a child and raised to become the protector of her people Sarah Many Dreams always knew she would have to one day face her tribe’s mortal enemies the Wicahmungas But when she finally comes face to face with one she’s surprised to find he’s not at all what she imagined He claims to want to help her instead of destroying her as she was taught How could she be drawn to someone who is so obviously trying to harm her people The two must join forces to destroy the final piece of the talisman before ancient evil is loosed on the world Can Sebastian and Sarah overcome their fears and suspicions or will they succumb to the overpowering lust growing between them and destroy the very world they’re both working to protect National bestselling and award winning author Carin Rafferty has 16 published novels to her credit including The Sanctuary Series and her nonfiction title The Writer’s Guide to Critique Groups
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