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Sinopsis de THE SKY THIEF

The location of Pandora’,s Box hides in a movie poster. When the poster is discovered in the possession of Alexandra Stirling, the young news intern is taken to Lost Earth, a hidden society where magical runes power life and all of Earth’,s legends are rooted in truth. Seizing her chance to escape rural Missouri, Alex joins an exotic airship captain and her team of relic hunters in searching for mythological artifacts. However, they are not the only ones looking for Pandora’,s Box. The omnipresent Osiris Corporation grows desperate – and deadly – in its own search for the source of all evil. In order to prevent ancient powers from being unleashed to the world, Alex must choose sides and overcome her own painful history. With this action-packed debut, THE SKY THIEF is a soaring fantasy-adventure taking readers across worlds of lost knowledge!_,
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