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This book is intended to help anybody who is considering a career in selling, it covers from basic selling skills right through to Account Managing larger accounts and larger sales opportunities, there is even a section on how to pass an interview.Joe Pitts wrote this book based on his own experiences of selling during a 30 year plus career and at some stage he has carried out all of the roles contained in the book as well as some others not mentioned.Joe was once asked by his Director why he had been successful and at the time could not find the words to answer the question.If asked now he would say preparation, practice and work hard to be the best you can be.He would never claim to be the best ever salesman, but by using the tools and techniques which he would like to share with readers of this book, he became a respected sales person.Joe achieved minimal qualifications at school but his education really started when he moved into selling.If you have the right approach and the desire to be the best you can be, read this book and then put it into practice._,
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