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The US government complicit with the wellconnected corporations since the socalled Civil War continues to wage war and destruction Lincoln39s revolutionary war supported by Marx and Engels caused at least 618222 and perhaps as many as 700000 deaths including about 50000 Confederate civilians Soldiers who were fighting dying and killing during that war were in training for future wars If Americans could kill fellow citizens then they would use force against foreign citizens in behalf of the government That war foreshadowed the devastating global warfare that followed with the Spanish American War two World Wars Korea Vietnam the First Gulf War and the current wars in the Middle East They do not include the bombings in the Baltic and elsewhere or the CIA39s covert warfare wherein millions of people died In the First World War soldiers killed 9911000 people in action and wounded 21219500 people while 7750000 people were missing in action for a total of 38 880500 In the Second World War there were over 24000000 military deaths and 49000000 civilian deaths totaling 73000000 deaths not including the number of wounded or missing That is 82911000 deaths in two world wars The real question is WHY
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