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You get to choose what kind of life you want to live Every day But it doesn’t always seem that way When challenges arise and throw you off course life can feel frustrating maddening heartbreaking Even in those moments you have the choice to find the gift Through tragedy and triumphand even in the many mundane moments in betweenlife offers love wisdom and selfdiscovery The best gift of all is the freedom to choose who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live The Path to Serendipity by education leader Allyson Apsey is a funny genuine and clever look at the fortunes we can gain from even our worst experiences Through her personal relatable stories you will learn strategies for living a meaningful life regardless of the craziness happening around youDon’t miss the gift The Path to Serendipity is a soulsearching adventure Get ready to bloom as you discover some secrets to a better you and more fulfilling life LaVonna Roth creator and founder of Ignite Your SHINE® The heart of this book focuses on learning from and growing through life’s many lessons finding true happiness each day and learning how to live life serendipitously Kayla Delzer CEO of Top Dog Teaching Inc  This book will change your thinking and help you be the best version of yourself Todd Whitaker author professor at University of Missouri Unabashedly uplifting This book is so honest and Allyson’s accounts are so moving It has both humor and a refreshingly earthy touch Adolph Brown thought leader author humorist
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