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Have you ever had a strong feeling of deja vu or witnessed that a dream came true in the future? Are such experiences precognitive or just illusions of the mind? &nbsp,How would a top scientist approach such questions about the paranormal? &nbsp,The Oneironauts, or &quot,the dream travelers,&quot, introduces new scientific evidence that we really do experience possible future events in our dreams.Author Paul Kalas is the University of California,&nbsp,Berkeley astronomer who captured the first picture of a planet orbiting the nearby star Fomalhaut using the Hubble Space Telescope. &nbsp,This image appeared on the front page of the New York Times and is displayed in the National Air and Space Museum. &nbsp,In The Oneironauts he reveals for the first time that this pioneering discovery was recorded in his dream diary nine years before it was actually discovered. &nbsp,In Chapters 1-3, Dr. Kalas relates how prophetic dreams allowed him to both avoid an unpleasant event and affirm a desired goal. &nbsp,He concludes that fate is an illusion, the future can be changed, and both our gut instincts and sense of hope arise from precognitive dreams.Chapters 4 presents the famous astronomical discovery and precognitive dream in detail, while Chapter 5 analyzes a total of 332 precognitive experiences. &nbsp,Dr. Kalas interprets precognition as a phenomenon related to memory and learning that also influences our personal identity and life path.Dr. Kalas reviews modern concepts of space and time in Chapters 6 and 7. &nbsp,From physics and astronomy he introduces the reader to relativity, gravitational lensing, the particle-wave duality of light, quantum entanglement, and biophysics. &nbsp,From neuroscience he explains key breakthroughs in our understanding of memory and the perception of spacetime through the study of the hippocampus, sleep and theta rhythm.In Chapter 8, Dr. K
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