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Many of us crave information to all the big questions in life like Who am I and What is my souls purpose and What happens after death and beyond The good news is that the answers lie within the understanding of energy and everything it creates in the universe as well as the spirit realm and all of its levels The Invisible Mirror gives you the wisdom and simple tools needed on how to balance your mind body and soul to succeed within this lifetime Kim Silvers many years of holistic practice and studies have led her to a deep understanding of energy and how it plays into human and soul beings She relies on assistance from Dezniher own soulto guide simple facts about energy that will encourage others to look in the invisible mirror and accept our loving lights of energy find a purpose and use it to move forward into a life of positivity and enlightenment Through her easy to follow instructions others will learn about the many levels of energy as well as how to master their egos manage their daily energy supply understand and connect to their soul choose love over fear and rise above their own humanness to find the truth about their lives The Invisible Mirror explains simple facts about energy that will help anyone trust their inner voice to guide them on a selfreflective journey to find happiness innerpeace and a true purpose
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