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Are you exhausting yourself striving to be righteous? Do you base your worth on how well you please God, only to find yourself falling short? Are you familiar with the roller coaster of unworthiness?  I was. Then I died. I experienced a level of freedom I previously thought impossible after my life was over as I knew it.  The Great Exchange is a mindset shift from striving to be worthy to resting in the victory that Jesus won for us. Jesus came to unify us with Him. The gospel message is death and resurrection. The good news for us is that we are co-crucified with Him, co-buried, co-raised, and now co-reigning! Jesus didnt just die for you-He died as you. Through Him, you now have the ability to appropriate the full measure of freedom in your life here on earth as well as eternity.  We hope to encourage you through The Great Exchange message to experience intimacy with the Triune God in all aspects of your life. Through intimacy and love, we learn who God is, and who we are. When you know who you are in Christ, nothing is impossible. Michael Pezzoni and his wife Barbara are directors for two healing rooms, in Stockton and Modesto, California, which are part of the International Association of Healing Rooms. Besides his love of seeing people receive their healing, Michael is an amateur astronomer who likes to use science to connect people to God. Michael has a passion to see the Body of Christ fully understand their identity in Christ, as well as Christ in them. Michael and Barbara have two children and four grandchildren, and they make their home in Stockton, California. Jessie Wright is an author, performance horse rider, AACC certified Christian life coach, and healing rooms volunteer. It is her passion to help people realize that they already have everything they need inside of them to live a life of complete freedom. She and her husband Donald have three grown children and lots of four legged creatures. Jessie helps her husband in his cutting an
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