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London papers scream of dirigible attacks, kraken swarms, and lung-clogging, sulfurous fogs. But a rash of gypsy murders barely rates mention.Lady Amanda is tired of having both her intelligence and her work dismissed. After blackmailing her way into medical school, she catches the eye of her anatomy professor from the moment she walks into his lecture hall. Is he interested in her? Or only her invention&ndash,a clockwork spider that can spin artificial nerves?&nbsp,Lord Thornton, a prominent neurobiologist, has been betrayed. Secret government technology has been stolen from his laboratory, and a foreign spy is attempting to perfect it via a grisly procedure&hellip, using gypsies as test subjects. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a beautiful&ndash,and brilliant&ndash,new student, even if her spider could heal a deteriorating personal injury.&nbsp,Until her device is stolen and used in the latest murder. Lord Thornton has no option but to bring her into his laboratory as well as the investigation where they must fight their growing, yet forbidden, attraction. Bodies accumulate&nbsp,and fragile bonds are tested&nbsp,as they race across London, trying to catch the spy before it&rsquo,s too late._,
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