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&nbsp,Protect the geek, that&rsquo,s the job she&rsquo,s been hired for, but little did this werewolf expect to fall for a man of&nbsp,science.As a werewolf&nbsp,who hires out as a bodyguard, Lexie is used to danger. When she takes on a job that requires she protect a science geek, she doesn&rsquo,t expect her undercover girlfriend status to come with lots of pleasure. But a geeky human who pushes all her right buttons&mdash,and plays her body oh so right&mdash,isn&rsquo,t reason enough for her to break the rules and fall in&nbsp,love.Until&nbsp,now.Everything changes after an incident in the lab, but before she can decide if it&rsquo,s safe to give Anthony her heart, she has to help him&nbsp,survive.&nbsp,Warning
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