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Are you ready to&nbsp,leap&nbsp,into&nbsp,entrepreneurship? Are you an&nbsp,entrepreneur in need of a&nbsp,system that works? Are you looking for tools to help you&nbsp,win&nbsp,in business&nbsp,without compromising your lifestyle?&nbsp,Award-winning brand strategist and social media superhero, Jai Stone, has gathered&nbsp,11 industry&nbsp,game-changers&nbsp,to share&nbsp,with you&nbsp,their proven success&nbsp,strategies, providing a&nbsp,roadmap to&nbsp,successful&nbsp,entrepreneurship from&nbsp,women&nbsp,who have worked hard,&nbsp,failed&nbsp,painfully, and ultimately thrived.&nbsp,Overflowing&nbsp,with formulas&nbsp,on how to&nbsp,dominate&nbsp,in areas such as&nbsp,business, lifestyle, and&nbsp,finances, this&nbsp,honest,&nbsp,tell-all&nbsp,guide&nbsp,goes to the root of the tragedy and triumph that entrepreneurs face.&nbsp,No matter where you are along your journey,&nbsp,if you are&nbsp,ready&nbsp,to do the work,&nbsp,The Formula&nbsp,will position you&nbsp,to level-up._,
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