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SHE LOST HER LIFE IN WATER. TIME TO GET IT BACK. &nbsp, Karan is recovering from a horrific accident that left her disfigured and amnesiac. She remembers no-one and feels nothing except an abject terror of water. When her new friend Alice perceives that her aquaphobia conceals elite swimming training, Karan is forced to question everything around her and soon recognizes she is being held prisoner. She manages to break out and appeal for Alice&rsquo,s protection, but Karan has no way of knowing that her friend&rsquo,s world is more dangerous than her own&hellip,. &nbsp, THE FEELING OF WATER is a sequel to THE GIRL IN THE AIR in a series of page-turning, fast-paced magical realism thrillers set in the Rocky Mountains. Readers interested in Asian mythology will love discovering subtle allusions to the Mahabharata, and yoga practitioners will twist and writhe in their seats. If you like your heroes big like Jack Reacher, weird like Carrie, skilled like Jason Bourne, or scarred like Harry Potter, you&rsquo,ll love Tyler Pike&rsquo,s character, Alice Brickstone. &nbsp, Get THE FEELING OF WATER free now, grab hold of something and brace yourself._,
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