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When survival is dependent upon seduction&hellip, Join Mars as he immerses into the very primal culture of the real and modern day Vampire. This provocative saga is about a young man, who for reasons he couldn&rsquo,t explain, always felt different&hellip, like a freak amongst the freaks! And then the cravings started. Fortunately, during his harrowing awakening, he stumbled across an eccentric but knowledgeable older man. An individual who knew about the beast that crept over his human cells, which raged inside of him and tickled his psyche with unwanted visions of homicide.&nbsp, But his mentor didn&rsquo,t tell him he shouldn&rsquo,t drink blood &ndash, instead he told him how best to acquire it. His Lair was a sanctuary where sanguine feeders could take refuge and grow into their own Vampire skins. He didn&rsquo,t believe in clipping their wings, but instead he nurtured his kin and encouraged them to fly!&nbsp, WARNING
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