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Following on last year’,s award-winning dark fantasy series, Quincy Harker is back, and the stakes are higher than ever.&nbsp, Collecting four novellas into one volume, The Cambion Cycle sees Harker and his cohorts battling bigger threats, teaming with legends of folklore, and trying to save the world from a demonic horde. All with snark, flair, and heaping helpings of bloodshed and mayhem.&nbsp, The Cambion Cycle collects the following -&nbsp, Heaven Sent – the origin of Harker’,s guardian angel Glory Heaven’,s Door – there’,s a murderer on the streets of Charlotte, but he’,s killing angels! Heaven Help Us – Harker is on the run, and nothing is as it seems in this small town. Heaven Can Wait – Can Harker and the Shadow Council save the world from a demon invasion?_,
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