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With dead bodies returning to life and demons roaming the land, Chara and Tyraz wonder what has happened to their friend, Jarlen, the only living necromancer. Not only might he be the one who can return the world to normal, but he might also be the one responsible for the problems.The Black Flood is Book Nine in Legends of the Four Races, a series of nine high fantasy novels that form an Interlocking Matrix of six separate trilogies. The Black Flood may be read on its own, as the third book of The Netherworld Trilogy, or as the third book of The Necromancer Trilogy.E. A. Rappaport graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He works as a software engineer for a financial services consulting firm in New York. Rappaport cofounded StatCard Entertainment, the first company to combine smart card technology, trading cards, and internet games. He is a lifelong resident of Orange, Connecticut. The Black Flood is his ninth novel._,
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