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Art mirrors our inner state in ways that are meaningful and mysterious Creativity is central to feeling alive Nancy Hillis MD   Are you an artist tired of feeling blocked from expressing onto the canvas the art that lives deep within you It39s later than you think You don’t want to come to your final moments regretting your unlived dreams You’ve got paintings inside you waiting to be expressed  You know that while you could keep repeating what’s worked before in your art this is a kind of soul death You want to experiment take risks and explore your deepest self expression You want to wrestle down your self doubts and inner criticism and finally create the paintings of your dreams paintings that wow and astonish you   You want to express YOU in your art You don39t want to play it safe anymore  The worst thing you could do as an artist is to avoid experimentation Art is about exploring wonder and the unknown the terra incognita of the soul Painting is a mirror It brings up everything especially fear and yearning   Slay self doubt and say YES to your artist39s journey Overcome your fears to live your deepest life Explore experiment and create the art of your dreams on your inner journey of creation and self expression Paint with confidence and finally express YOU in your art   Have you always dreamed of being an artist Why put off following your dreams Are you ready to set out on a journey of selfdiscovery To develop strength clarity and skill as an artist   The time to create your art is NOW Whether you dream of loosening up and exploring creativity expressing yourself healing and becoming whole experimenting with paints colors and techniques or surprising yourself with your art The Artist’s Journey is your stepbystep guide to bold selfexpression    The Artist39s Journey teaches you how  one mindset shift will transform your experience of creating art  one secret studio practice will ignite your creativity  two technical game changers w
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