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Sinopsis de THE 7 SERPENTS

In a future where all religion is banned, Captain Lincoln Brood pilots a ship dedicated to hunting down the Christian missionaries who are infiltrating space colonies across the galaxy. When his personal demons drive him to accept a dangerous mission, he soon finds himself spiraling through uncharted space in a damaged vessel, the lone survivor of his crew. By chance or providence, his ship ultimately crashes on the primitive planet of Aelyon-Anan, where he is thrust into the center of a war between magnificently armored men and monsters he could never have imagined. Hailed as a prophet sent from God, Lincoln must overcome both the spiritual demons of his past and the horde of flesh-and-blood demons gathered against him in the true sci-fi/fantasy blend that is The 7 Serpents. Benjamin Cecil works for the fire department in his hometown where he currently holds the rank of Lieutenant and serves as Chaplin. He is also a stand-up comedian and artist. He lives with his wife and two children in Western Kentucky._,
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