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The bible tells us that there will indeed come a day when all that God has given to us to learn about him will be taken away. Then what we have truly taken in concerning Him will be seen and tried by fire above anything else we have accomplished in this life. At that time neither He nor His heavenly host will rejoice in your high position at work, your big house or fancy car, if you were able to send your children to a fine college, and dress your family with the best that money could buy. The day that you come before the living God, and you will, all of heaven will rejoice in one thing from you and one thing only. Was your heart bent on seeking after God? If so, then this life long seeking attitude will have left behind a legacy of your works that are in Him because of your love for him. In this God will truly rejoice because your life to Him was as sweet as taking in a tasty morsel._,
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