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Sinopsis de TAILOR-MADE

Tailor-Made is a book orchestrated by God. It was written to restore hope to a dying world, and to extend the opportunity to rediscover his unconditional love. God wants to give reassurance he is still in control, despite all the chaos displayed in the world today. God still wants to manifest mightily in the lives of the believers right now. He wants to bring the unimaginable into existence for you. If you believe God for the supernatural during this season of your life, then this book is your guide. God’,s principle of hope, faith, and love is the system in which he commands all to live by. Unfortunately, Satan is also in hot pursuit (literally), to destroy any beliefs you may have in the three principles, especially the faith principle.Because of this, we must fight like never before to uncover and recover all. If your life is in need of a customized fitting today, then Tailor-Made is for you!_,
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