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Is there a stirring in your soul that cant be filled? Do you feel there is more in your spiritual walk but no one has the words or solution? In our moments of spiritual hunger God wants to impart into our life the reality of who He is. God has given mankind many opportunities and most men dont take advantage of them. Church once a week will not fill that void. There is an awakening that is spreading throughout the world, a Supernatural Awakening. As a child of God there are times you get tired of hearing the devil scream threats and belittle the name of God, such was the case in 1 Samuel chapter 17. David had no idea what was about to happen in his life. How he prepared in secret, far away in the back-side of the desert was about to change a nation, a people, and the atmosphere that he walked into.  He wasnt looking for greatness, fame, or fortune however, the anointing of God will always reveal your destiny and your purpose, just as a needle on a compass will point north because of the magnetic pull. Anointed people attract the attention of others. Revelation is Gods way of showing Himself to you. Supernatural Awakening will unlock spiritual revelation in your life and cause you to fulfill your destiny while changing the atmosphere you abide in. Watch and be amazed how you will begin to develop your spiritual insight. Bill Old Chief is a gifted leader with a strong prophetic call by the Holy Spirit first serving as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Evangelist, Pastor/Teacher, Tribal Leader, Recording Artist and Author of two books. He is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana and studied at the University of Montana._,
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