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On the River, after the fall of Amberlight, Tellurith and her folk meet the greatest crisis of all… Demolition A great lord’,s power and position, lost. A seven-hundred year old regime, collapsed. Love and loyalty tried past breaking point. Destruction Bloody revolution. A threat become loss too tragic to forget. Discovery Goals suffered and sacrificed for, to evaporate in the hands Love undreamt of, unheralded, unforeseen. Secrets to shatter an empire. Disaster Loss of love, loss of home, loss and more loss in battle. Grief, torment, immanent ruin of all dreams, all hopes. Revelation Calamity, shock, enemies’, dissolution. Undreamt of victory. Secrets that transform the heart. Resolution Love renewed, recovered, forever changed. Love, after long suffering, fulfilled Renewal A new dawn for the River. A new, utterly different life._,
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