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Evelyn Locksley, one of the three witches foretold to save humanity from the fata, magical aliens intent on ruling Earth, is back home in New York City. She&rsquo,s having a blast, running the boardroom like a boss and frequenting hot clubs for scandalizing siren practice. That is until Evelyn is taken hostage by fata cronies, the Acolytes of Hecate. Locked in a magically warded basement Evelyn witnesses the Acolyte&rsquo,s strength and begins to doubt that anyone on Earth stands a chance against the fata.&nbsp, *** Lily Whiplark is still reeling over the loss of her beloved second mother, Em, at the hands of the Acolytes. After hearing of Evelyn&rsquo,s flamboyant and selfish behavior in New York when she’,s supposed to be in Ireland training for a supernatural war, Lily’,s grief morphs into fury that not even triplet peacekeeper, Sara, can quell. When Lily learns of Evelyn&rsquo,s abduction will she be able to put their vast differences aside to save her sister?&nbsp, *** Will the sisters be able to overcome their rocky past to band together against the enemies of humanity?_,
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