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Shotokan Transcendence is the third episode in the authors ongoing work, which goes beyond the myths and enlightenment of mysteries. Yokota Shihan provides straightforward answers often glossed over or unaddressed. The reader will find the thought-provoking material covered in his work simple and straightforward enough for beginners and yet diverse and comprehensive enough for the well experienced, too. The way the information is presented is sure to provoke all martial artists to rethink what they already know while challenging them to continue exploring their understandings in order to arrive at a definitive knowledge. By sharing his thoughts and opinions in this work, Yokota Shihan builds an important bridge linking the past to the present, providing a simple way to accurately understand and pass on the history, technique, and philosophy of Shotokan karate to the next generation of learners. His work demonstrates his knowledge of and respect to the legacy of the art while honoring the heritage of those pioneers responsible for developing Shotokan karate. In Shotokan Transcendence, Yokota Shihan unites the courage to speak with unprecedented depth about karate and the talent required for this daring task and shares the admirable result. This work is destined to become a modern classic and an important part of the history of Shotokan karate._,
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