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&quot,&hellip,I fear nothing.&quot, Hated for the circumstances of her birth, Eira chose to walk a life of solitude. She obeyed her maker’,s orders and never looked back&mdash,never feeling or regretting, for if she did, she’,d be marked as flawed. &quot,&hellip,It’,s best if I’,m alone.&quot, Now a tortured soul with a bloody past, Eira keeps to herself and doesn’,t let anyone in. But the past has a way of creeping up when you least expect it and no matter how much she runs, she can’,t keep her biggest secrets hidden forever. &quot,&hellip,My heart will betray me.&quot, Fire in one hand and a blade in the other, she now fights the maker she once obeyed for forty years&mdash,a darkness gnawing at her mind, threatening to consume her. With few to turn to, she finds herself seeking help from the one man she swore she would never get close to. But in doing so, her secrets unravel quick, and she finds herself admitting one taboo thing&hellip, &quot,&hellip,I’,m afraid&hellip,&quot,_,
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