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Ready to live your very best life? Actually, the secret to becoming absolutely, Ridiculously Happy! is already being conveyed to you every moment of every day. And, it s coming from right from within you. Now, life transformation coach Carol Whitaker can teach you how to tap into the positive potential of your physical and emotional well-being, and, by doing so, achieve your lifelong dreams. Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of your Dreams is Whitaker s groundbreaking, step-by-step approach to changing the course of your life. By empowering you to claim your God-given birthright to a meaningful, blissful existence, the author encourages you to simply embrace your own unique magnificence to manifest dreams. Placing equal emphasis on both mental and physical positive energy, this comprehensive book shares strategies to harness the power of the Law of Attraction. By letting go of negative energy, and thinking intentionally about the way you live your life, you will not only set yourself on a road to vitality, abundance, and deep satisfaction, but you will become your own cheerleader to stay the course. If you believe you can be ridiculously happy, Carol Whitaker s illuminating, actionable book will show you the way._,
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