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A collection of stories about people, one for every day of the year. A historical account links the story to events from history. A thought for the day offers time for reflection, and a daily prayer sets it all in the presence of God. A valuable resource for principals, teachers, senior students and parents.&bull, For a principal or pastor, Reflecting God&rsquo,s Presence provides abundant stimulus material for public addresses, homilies, staff or parent reflections.&bull, For a teacher, it is a rich resource for reflecting with students on the journey of life.&bull, For senior or graduating students, it is intended to be a contact point, a means of staying in touch with their inner spiritual selves.&bull, For parents, it can be an engaging source of reflection on the place of God in our lives.First produced as a presentation gift for the graduating students of De La Salle College, this book has been modified to make it suitable for anyone to read and develop an increasing awareness of the presence of God in the personal journey each of us makes through life.Too many young people simply drift away from God. Here is something to help them hold on to the values for which religious schools exist. Here too is a useful text for anyone interested in promoting values-based education.I believe this book may even help some people discover that they are more religious than they think &ndash, not in the sense of being pious, but in the way that good people, trying to lead decent lives, possess a spiritual dimension that inspires them to care for others and for the society in which they live&rsquo,.&mdash, Bill Firman fsc (Editor)_,
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