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Sinopsis de RECITAL

Recitals easy-to-understand, bite-sized poems lend a fresh voice to lifes daily joys and struggles. Whether its rainy a Paris boulevard, Irelands Connemara, or the windswept dunes of Long Islands Hamptons, from one page to the next Recital carries you away with depth and spirit. The richly varied program features poems that span the full range of emotions and ask the questions often closest to our hearts… Where do all the years go? How can we feel alive right now? Why are happiness and despair so closely linked? How can we balance the material with the spiritual? What happens after we die? They say if the same musician played the same program a thousand times, no two performances would be alike. The same holds true for Recital, the Poems of Richard M. McErlean, Jr. Read it once, read it once a day- it will always surprise you with something new. All you have to do is take your seat… and enjoy._,
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Autoayuda y Espiritualidad

Meditación y relajación

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