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When newspapers across the country reported Capital Cities Communications stunningly successful bid for ABC, The New York Times asked a senior official at another of Capital Cities recent acquisitions, Institutional Investor, if it was true that Capital Cities left management in place when it took over a firm. I was a little skeptical when the company was bought, he conceded. But they create a sense of trust. Its a wonderful motivational device. This concept of trust as a key to organizational effectiveness lies at the heart of Radical Management, Samuel A. Culbert and John J. McDonoughs challenging new book. For years, the authors point out, business has been enslaved to a rational model of management that asks only that executives meet narrow organizational goals, regardless of the needs and views of those they work with. But while this bottom-line mentality can produce satisfactory results on the balance sheet, in the workplace its effects are often disastrous — breeding misunderstandings, hidden resentments, infighting, and even costly power struggles. Arguing that what many executives understand about the complex political forces at work in an organization wouldnt fill the proverbial thimble, Culbert and McDonough propose a radical model of management
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