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Yth yw&nbsp,Pystrior Marthys Pow &Ograve,z&nbsp,whedhel gans L. Frank Baum ow t&ugrave,chya mowes vian Dorothy yw scubys dre gorwyns warbarth gans hy hy T&ocirc,t&ocirc, in mes a Kansas bys in &Ograve,z, pow stranj ha s&ecirc,mly. P&agrave,n vo hy ena yma hy owth ervira travalya dhe Cyta an Emer&ocirc,s may halla hy govyn orth r&ecirc,wlyas an pow, Pystrior henwys &Ograve,z, dh&rsquo,y gorra tre arta. Yma hy ow metya i&rsquo,n fordh B&ugrave,cka Bryny, usy ow whelas empydnyon, Forstor St&ecirc,nys usy ow tes&icirc,rya colon ha Lion ownek neb yw whansek dhe gafos coraj. Kynth usy an bagas bian ow tastya meur a berylyow hag ow cafos lies aventur coynt, ymowns y ow soweny w&agrave,r an dyweth dhe dhrehedhes Cyta an Emer&ocirc,s yn salow, dre r&ecirc,son a skentoleth an B&ugrave,cka Bryny, kerensa guv an Forstor St&ecirc,nys ha fara diown an Lion. Yth o an lyver-ma neb a insp&icirc,ryas fylm gerys br&acirc,s an vledhen 1939, kyn nag yw haval in p&ugrave,b poynt an lyver ha&rsquo,n fylm an eyl dh&rsquo,y gela!&nbsp,Yma l&icirc,nyansow gwredhek William Wallace Denslow dhe weles i&rsquo,n trailyans leunlywys ha gorlanwesek-ma. Yma 24 pl&acirc,ta lywys i&rsquo,n lyver ha 150 del&icirc,nyansow text, hag y feu radn a&rsquo,n re-na desedhys dhe acordya poran gans an trailyans Kernowek. Yth yw olsettyans an lyver kepar ha hedna i&rsquo,n kensa dyllans Sowsnek, kynth yw amendys olsettyans an lyver-ma in nebes tyleryow rag comodyta redyoryon agan dedhyow ny. —&nbsp,The Wonderful Wizard of Oz&nbsp,is L. Frank Baum’,s story of a little girl named Dorothy, who with her dog Toto is carried by a tornado from Kansas to the strange and beautiful land of Oz. Here she decides to visit the Emerald City to ask its ruler, a wizard called Oz, to send her back home again. On the way she meets a Scarecrow, who is in search of brains, a Tin Woodman, who wishes to have a heart, and a Cowardly Lion, whose one desire is to possess courage. The little party encounte
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