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&quot,If a fable is a legendary story of supernatural happenings,&quot, Mr. Swann says, &quot,or a narration intended to enforce a useful truth, then these four are fables–which shouldn’,t be confused with fairy tales targeted only for children. These, then, are tales for kind and loving people of all ages.&quot,&quot,The Temple of Sanity&quot, tells of an idea that became a reality and grew into an insitution, only to develop rules and leaders, cliques and critics . . .&quot,A Clay-Modeling Lesson&quot, tells of the four identical boys separated at birth and raised Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and atheist, and how they met as representatives of their respective communities . . .&quot,The Fate and Destiny of a Traveling Clairvoyant&quot, tells of a woman with a special talent, who found that people prefer seeing dimly to seeing clearly . . .&quot,Watcher of the Purple River&quot, tells of an old woman and a young man, and how she taught him to watch the river of life . . .These fables came to Ingo Swann as a gift from a part of himself
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