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12 illustrations and the cover from a 1912 edition. Don’,t be fooled by other versions with missing or made-up pictures. Text that has been proofread to avoid errors common in other versions. A beautiful cover from an early edition. The complete text in an easy-to-read font similar to the original. Properly formatted text complete with correct indenting, spacing, footnotes, italics, and tables. J.M. Barrie first released Peter Pan, or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up in the form of a play in 1904. He followed it up with the release in 1911 of the novel Peter and Wendy which recounts the same story. Peter Pan is a small boy away from his home in London who flies around the enchanted island of Neverland which is inhabited by mermaids, fairies, natives, and pirates. The tale has enshrined other characters in the common culture, including Tinker Bell, Wendy, the Lost Boys, and the pirate Captain Hook. It is a childhood classic.
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