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Glorias life was threatened many times by evildoers but Jesus was always there She experienced many spiritual and physical difficulties with the production of this book but with the help of Jesus His Mother and the Saints she lived to tell the story Satan and his agents worked hard to prevent this book from being published However Jesus was always ahead of them This book tells us that God our creator is very near to us We are His sacred temples He hears sees and knows everything about us He is interested in our lives and even more interested in our souls He will befriend each one of us as He did with Gloria This book will appeal to you if you Have loved the Lord all your life and now you want to learn more about His mysteries Are an atheist thinking that God does not exist Are sitting on the fence not knowing which way to turn Think your life is fulfilled you do not need God or you put God in His place Are just using God for your convenience Are a Priest or Pastor wandering why your congregation is so faithless Are just curious
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