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Paris is at it again this time the game switched up on her. This made her realize who was really in her corner. Paris was following her heart and trusting the wrong people this whole time even after all the heartache mental, and physical abuse she had hit a dead end causing her to fight back. Did Paris make the wrong decision? The one that she thought had her back showed her their true colors. They switched upon her! Things are different now and the so-called friends and the people that she thought was in her corner are now against her backstabbers is what we call her and all for what? Until one day she found true love. Paris put her all into it giving her lover a son, and this changed Paris’,s whole mindset. Until she got crossed by someone very close to her.Paris motto was I will protect mines by any means necessary. That was one of the rules that she lived by. As the thoughts raced through Paris’,s mind as she stood facing the mirror looking at the reflection of herself not recognizing the person that she became.Paris has turned into a ticking time bomb, and any wrong move will make her blow up. Did someone push Paris to her limit? Who would dare test her like that and take her kindness for weakness? They didn’,t think Paris would snap like that. They put the trigger in the wrong hands now she’,s after anyone that’,s standing in her way. Will Paris make it out alive to see her son grow up or will she get stuck in a crossfire leaving her son behind…_,
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