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Sinopsis de OUT OF THE DARK

The shapeling war had ended but left Taellus in ruin its people broken and struggling to mend the pieces On the verge of ascension Barr struggled as well to make sense of his past lives and understand his true purpose Fluora by his side coping with her own new powers as Matron things began to take a turn for the worse The children gods made mortal were being hunted one by one Through fiery rifts between realms came new creatures of nightmare umbrals twisted and remade by the madness of a banished god and with them a blight that stole furie from the land Every world at risk all of life at stake the only hope to survive was in joining the disparate races to a common cause Quarrels aside they had to ready for his return for the blight that preceded him for the horrors that would come from Out of the Dark
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