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Oriental Glazes offers a complete overview of the art of high fire reduction glazing, which can be notoriously difficult to master. Michael Bailey has provided in-depth research to bring a wide variety of Oriental glazes to the reader with explanations, notes, and direction where needed. He discusses recipes, chemical make-up, and troubleshooting, and examines current artists’ use of these unique glazes. A wide variety of techniques and glazes are presented, from celadons and tekmokus to the more specialized tea dust and hare’s fur.

Oriental Glazes is an instructive guide that emphasizes firing in a flame kiln (using gas, oil, propane, or wood), with the oxygen supply restricted at the top end of the firing. This creates the reducing effect that brings about the changes, especially to the metallic coloring oxides copper and iron, that produce the subtle and beautiful qualities associated with the classic Far Eastern glazes.

This clear and practical volume offers a starting point for beginners and a rich source of recipes and approaches to the established potter. With his logical, organized format and encouraging tone, Bailey’s handbook is a clear and comprehensive guide on how to produce these striking glazes today.

Michael Bailey is a partner at Bath Potters Supplies. Both a scientist and a studio potter, he is a frequent contributor to pottery journals such as Ceramic Review.
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