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An easy-to-use guide that offers a Natural and Mindful path back to yourself.Do you find your mind often racing to catch up with the overwhelming busyness of modern-day living?Ever feel the need to slow down, but don&rsquo,t know how?What if Nature and Mindfulness held the key?We all live in an ever-changing, fast-paced, busy, world. Over half our population now live in cities where the noise, pressure, stress and anxiety can lead to feeling overwhelmed. Fewer and fewer of us can find an opportunity to pause, breathe, still our overburdened minds and take a moment.&nbsp,A combination of Nature and Mindfulness, Natural Mindfulness, can hold the answer to living healthier, happier and more consciously-connected lives.&nbsp,Discover 7, simple, practical Natural Mindfulness walks and exercises designed to help relax and reconnect you with Nature and your own natural being.&nbsp,Rediscovering your instinctive and intuitive connection with Nature can help you to find a simple way to discover, heal, know and release your own unique true nature.&nbsp,Ian Banyard is giving eloquent voice to an idea that is as timely as it is timeless…that mindful re-connection with the natural world is the key to saving both ourselves and our planet. Want to feel happier, healthier and more peaceful? Do what I do – walk in Nature and follow Ian Banyard.&nbsp, Alex Strauss, Author of The Mindful Walker._,
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